Introduction to Apologetics

Mission Statement:.

The Daily Apologist Online Training Center exists to provide Christians with the intellectual and personal preparation they need in order to proclaim and defend the Christian worldview in an increasingly hostile environment.


Course Description:.

This course provides students with a working knowledge of the basics in philosophical and historical apologetics and equips them to be an apologetics resource for their local congregation.


Course Objectives:.

  1. To examine the intellectual reasons for and answer objections to: the existence of God, the reliability of the Bible, and the historicity and resurrection of Jesus.
  2. To present and answer common objections to Christianity, including: the problem of evil, alleged moral atrocities in the Bible, and other contemporary objections.

Assignments and Expectations:.

The course is broken up into 8 lesson. Most lessons must be completed in two weeks, while lessons 1, 5, and 8 must be completed in one week. All assignments must be complete in order to complete the course. If any assignment is left incomplete, or fails to meet the minimum requirements, the grade will remain incomplete.


Notebook – 30%

Students must keep a notebook which can be used as the foundation for teaching the material upon completion of the class.


Study Questions – 10%

Answers to the study questions for each lesson must be submitted no later than ___ day(s) after viewing the last lecture for that lesson.

Discussion Board – 10%

Each week students will have the opportunity to participate in a discussion session related to the assigned readings for that week.

  • Students must participate at least 3 times in each week (a minimum of 39 posts are required). Posts made after the last day of the discussion period will not be counted.
  • Students must begin participating no later than 3 days after the discussion opens.
  • Each week a student does not make at least three posts they will receive a 0.5% reduction in their final grade.
  • Students are not required to read every post made by fellow students, but they must read every post made by the instructor. Students are strongly encouraged to read and answer questions that are addressed specifically to them.
  • Students do not have to respond to the instructor’s questions or comments unless he address a specific student.
  • Keep messages to a reasonable length—generally not more than two or three paragraphs.
  • Instructor’s role: he will monitor the discussions and answer questions posed directly to him (questions posed directly to the instructor should be designated as such in the subject line). At times he will submit questions to help students grapple with key issues.


Proficiency project – 50%

The final assignment will be the proficiency project. Students must utilize either YouTube, WordPress, or the classroom to demonstrate proficiency in the apologetics topics covered in the course. Details about using each of these platforms, and about each one’s requirements, will be provided once a student reaches that part of the course.

Course Information:.

Administrator/Instructor: Dean Meadows, M.A., Christian Apologetics.


Hours: By appointment please.

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